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The 360 Video Booth by YQR Photo Booths

Welcome to The 360 experience by YQR Photo Booths. 

The 360 Video Booth is our latest product! Guests simply walk up to The 360 station and our onsite host guides them through the whole process. Alone or in a group, this is the chance to have a moment in the spotlight.

Taking event video to a whole new level, The 360 Video Experience delivers on all fronts thanks to the slow-motion camera that circles the LED platform and captures the action.


Guests will love getting creative as they jump, jive, or simply gesture to the camera, while our creative technology captures them from every angle!

The brand new 360 video booth by YQR Photo Booths!

See The 360 In Action!

Video coming soon!

Create Memories and Share Them!

The 360 allows your guests to share their videos within SECONDS by E-Mail or Text from our sharing station!

E-Mail Your Videos

Text Your Videos

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